Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Co. Ltd. is the proud distributor of "In2Care" Mosquito devices. Please click on the link for more information on how they work.

Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Co. Ltd. is pleased to have provided fogging to the island of Acklins as part of their Giving Back Program in November, 2015 with Bahamian pride.

Ready for Long Island fogging mission after Hurricane Joaquin. October, 2015.

Giving Back with community service loading supplies for hurricane relief, October, 2015.

Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Co. Ltd.

We offer top quality service without compromise.

Bahamas Mosquito Fogging's success is fueled by client service and driven by having technical knowledge , state of the art equipment and controlled use of chemicals in safe and effective applications.

We offer free consultation to develop a comprehensive, integrated control program, site surveillance, specie identification and vector assessment. Once the threat and pest issues are identified the implementation phase of larvae, pupae and adult reduction then commences.

Our team is committed to customer service, public safety and promotion of safe business practices. We are nimble in working with prospective clients to developing a comprehensive program and through public awareness and education.

We are also committed to public safety and helping those among us that are less financially fortunate. Mosquitos carry an indiscriminate vector threat and we believe that the less fortunate should not face a greater degree of threat due to their financial circumstance. Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Co. Ltd therefore has its own "Giving Back Program" which provides our services to the less fortunate free of charge. We also provide financial support to local charities especially those that take care of children. 

Our Giving Back Program has now grown so much since inception that we are proud to advise that we pioneered the project, provided the labour and materials for the full restoration of the Steve Burrows' Conch Shell and White Crowned Pigeon sculptures on John F. Kennedy Drive as well as others. We provided fogging free of charge in the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin to Long Island. We have also provided the sweat equity to cleaning up Rawson Square in downtown Nassau, with great Bahamian pride for our surroundings and the list goes on. 

Our Philosophy.

To provide safe and effective measures to control vector and pestiferous threats throughout the Bahamas through best business practices promoting safe and effective measures in balance with the environment.

Our Commitment to Results.

We employ a scientific, strategic approach to mosquito and other flying insect population reduction through identifying breeding site, determining specie identification and habitats. We provide a holistic solution to general pest and rodent control.

We subsequently execute the best mode of action to counter breeding, larvae and pupae development as well as effective application of adulticides.