Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Co. Ltd.

"Got mosquitoes? Call Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Company Ltd! They are awesome!"

Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Co. Ltd. is pleased to have provided fogging to the island of Acklins as part of their Giving Back Program in November, 2015 with Bahamian pride.

What our clients are saying about us;

"Please accept this e-mail as reference to our great satisfaction with Bahamas Mosquito Fogging. Mr. Smith is doing a fantastic job and offers proactive service and sound technical advice. I have been in the Hotel business for 30 years and have worked with many pest control operations. I can assure you that Toby Smith offers one of the best services I have seen in the industry."

Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Company Limited was founded in 2012. Following a spike year of reported and confirmed cases of Dengue Fever in the Bahamas. The general populous of the country looked to the Government to mitigate the vector threat imposed by mosquitos.

Later came the threat of the Chikungunya virus, while malaria had already shown its presence.

Both mosquito and sand fly populations have been an annoyance constant with any tropical climate, however, with the insurgence of Dengue Fever, Chikungunya Virus and Malaria, Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Co. Ltd. was formed as a private enterprise to provide full flying insect threat solutions.

There is now an alternative to relying upon the government to provide mosquito fogging, but we go beyond that and provide the advantage of having a fully integrated flying insect control program of site surveillance, breeding site identification, larvaciding and adulticiding.

While we are work closely with the efforts of the government we offer a private remedy to the same problem with a unified objective of public health and safety.

Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Co. Ltd. works closely with the largest suppliers of flying insect, general pest control, rodent control and equipment in the world; providing you with state of the art equipment and chemicals.